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UNIQLO (short for Unique Clothing) is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Fast Retailing. It holds the number one position in sales and profits of clothing shops in Japan. In 2007, it had nearly 750 shops worldwide, including one in France. At the end of 2014, it will have 853 shops in Japan and nearly 700 abroad, compared with 851 in Japan and 347 abroad in November 2012. Simple and basic, timeless, some would say timeless, the Uniqlo style simulates all over the world. (Source : Wikipedia)

How to buy and have Uniqlo products delivered abroad?

If you live in a place where Uniqlo is not present (which is rare), you can use the services of Easy-Delivery who will deliver Uniqlo clothing to your country of residence.

Easy-Delivery is the delivery solution.