Our service

01.How does it work ?

Create your account and get your own European address

You will get a personal delivery address in a dedicated Easy-Delivery warehouse.

Buy on the Internet, from European online shops.
Use your Easy-Delivery address as shipping address.

You now have access to all goods available in Europe, as if you were a resident.
Millions of references within your reach.

We collect your purchases and store them in your dedicated area in our Easy-Delivery warehouses.

You can then store, verify, group or return any parcels as necessary.

Schedule and track your shipments online.

You declare the value of your parcels, and can get delivery insurance if required
Shipments are delivered to you by airpost

My warehouse

My warehouse

The warehouse technician takes delivery of your orders in your dedicated European warehouse area, identifies the parcels, and generates item references
You are notified via SMS and email, and your Warehouse area status is updated.

You manage your warehouse area as you see fit. You can:

  • wait for other parcels to arrive
  • have a parcel open for verification
  • group several parcels as a single shipment
  • return a parcel
  • initiate the sending of a shipment

Your shipments

No headaches: our dispatch department takes care of all operations involved in the shipping process You only need to declare the goods value, and insure them if required. You are notified at each step of the shipping process until the goods are delivered to you

  • we negotiate the best air freight tariffs and service for you
  • as you initiate a shipment, you just have to fill in a form with required customs information
  • the optional insurance we offer provides extensive coverage at a limited cost
  • you have control of all your shipments online via our efficient and reliable tracking application