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«Très bien»
Fouad B Réexpédition Algeria


«Livraison excellente et rapide, je recommande fortement.»
Mounir B Réexpédition Algeria


«Super rapide avec DHL»
Abdelmoutaleb R Réexpédition Algeria


«Le service est très très rapide»
Zahia A Réexpédition Algeria


Djaber A Réexpédition Algeria


«Excellente service»
Djaber A Réexpédition Algeria


«Un peu cher pour un tout petit paquet»
Mohammed B Réexpédition Algeria


«merci pour la qualité de servic et le délai de livraison.»
Naoual B Réexpédition Algeria


«Rapide et efficace»
Nabila A Réexpédition Algeria


«delivered in 10 days in good condition i highly recommand easy delivery»
Mohamed B Réexpédition Algeria



How does forwarding work?

01. Registration

I register and get my address in France or in the USA

02. Online shopping

I order online and have it delivered to my new address

03. Consolidation

I group my purchases together to reduce shipping costs.

04. Shipping

Your parcels are sent all over the world.

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We have selected for you the fastest carriers, you benefit from the best rates. Select your warehouse, enter the dimensions of your parcel in cm, then its actual weight in kg, indicate the destination and get an estimate of your shipping costs.

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On which sites can I order?

You can order from any site that delivers in France or in the USA, even if it is a foreign site.

What products are prohibited?

Products such as firearms, pressurised containers (spray cans, aerosols, perfumes...), dangerous products (flammable, explosive, poison...), lithium batteries, live animals are prohibited. Find the complete list in our FAQ.

How much does it cost to ship back?

The price depends on the weight and dimensions of the parcel, we invite you to make an estimate above or on this page.

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