FAQ Frequently asked questions

The procedure is the following:
Log in to your Paypal account.
Click on the “settings” icon on the top right of the screen.
Then click on “payments” to see all your pre-approved payments.
After clicking on “manage pre-approved payments” select one or more payments that you want to delete.
We suggest you wait until near the end of your current subscription to benefit from it until its termination.
Grouping your parcels means that we reunite all your parcels in one box. The bigger your parcel, the lower your transportation costs which can also help reducing your invoice by choosing this option. Before asking to group your parcels, we advise you to use the “simulation” tool on our website with the weight and length of your parcel if you were to choose that option. It is recommended especially for tiny items (books, shoes, clothes etc…)
Unfortunately, as a matter of practicality, we cannot group a parcel that’s already been grouped.
You will find a list of forbidden articles we can't export. If one of your parcel contain a forbidden article, we will not send it for safety precaution.

- Lithium batteries
- Perfume, spays and nail polish
- Counterfeit articles
- Article of exceptional value (for example, piece of art, gemstone, gold and silver)
- Firearms /airguns
- Fur/ animals skins
- Ivory and derived products
- Live animals
- Plants and seeds
- Tobacco and derived products
- Dangerous materials (Acid, Gaz, Poison, Radioactive product, Toxic product...)

When you order something online, the retailer asks for a delivery adress. You just have to enter the adress that’s been given to you at the time of you subscription to Easy-Delivery.
This adress will always be available on the dashboard of your easy-delivery.com account each time you log in with your username and your password.
Your adress will appear like this:


M Last Name First Name


7, Avenue André

13016 Marseille



M Last Name First Name

Easy-Delivery XXXXXX

7, Avenue André Roussin

13016 Marseille


----> When Amazon asks for your address, we advise you enter it like this:

Last Name and First Name: Last Name and First Name

Address line 1: Easy-Delivery XXXXXX

Address line 2: 7, Avenue André Roussin

City : Marseille


Postcode/zip: 13016

Country: France

Phone number: or 09 83 28 15 23

You may receive a message stating that the street hasn’t been recognised but you can validate this address anyway. You’re shopping ready !
Our warehouse is open from 8a.m. to 7p.m., Monday to Friday. If the website you’re shopping from allows you to choose a specific delivery date, be sure to choose a date and an hour in which our warehouse is open.
You have to choose an “at home” delivery and not a delivery in a “Pick-up and Go” establishment or location.

In other words:

- Always mention Easy-delivery in the address.
- No deliveries taking place on week-ends and public holidays.
- No “Pick-up and Go” deliveries like Relais Colis, Relais Kiala and such.
The carrier is responsible for the merchandise up to a limit of 23EUR/KG. If you wish to take out an insurance corresponding to the real value of your merchandise, we advise you to choose the optional insurance at the time of carrying the expedition (2% of the merchandise’s value).
Yes, the payment takes place when you are delivered your parcel. You have to pay for the export duties and taxes of your destination country, their amount is calculated based on the merchandise’s value you declared on our website. If you want a more precise estimation, you will have to contact your country’s most appropriate administration. Please note that numerous countries have varying customs allowances which allow sums under a certain amount to be exonerated from these duties and taxes.

Furthermore, DHL, Sodexi and UPS can bill fixed costs on clearance.

You can get an estimation of those fees by using one of these online tax calculator :

- https://www.simplyduty.com/
- https://www.colissimo.entreprise.laposte.fr/fr/calculateur-douane
Yes. If a parcel looks damaged, we do not accept the delivery. It allows us to work in your best interest in regards to the retailer. You will be notified by email.
To better estimate your transportation costs, we advise you to check the height of your parcel directly alongside the retailer. The dimensions and the weight of the parcel are sometimes available on their website. If it is not the case, we suggest you send an email to the customer support to avoid unpleasant situations.
If your parcel comes to you already damaged, you have to contact the representative of the carrier that delivered it to you
The following calculation is carried out: (L x W x H) / 5000
If the result is greater than the total weight, then this result is used as the taxable weight. Otherwise, the total weight will be used as the taxable weight. In any case, you will be charged on the taxable weight.
You can use the following website:

No problem, our system knows if your country possesses or not a zip code and if it is mandatory or not to put it in your address. If there is no zip code in your country, leave the information box empty.
Easy-Delivery doesn’t sell items online, if you want to purchase something, you have to go to a website that’s capable of delivering its goods to our warehouse (Amazon, Cdiscount, etc..)
No we don’t, we only deliver small parcels. However, you can order spare parts.
Yes, the heaviest your parcel is, the lower your invoice will be. This is why grouping your parcels is a good opportunity to pay less in the final invoice.
The prices are different, the service is too!
A/ The tracking
- DHL is known for its efficiency and it presence in almost every country.
- SODEXI AIR FRANCE bases its services on 25 years of experience and is one of the staples of international trade. Their prices are appealing and local deliveries are made by carefully selected partners.
- UPS and DHL are equivalent in terms of tracking. They offer good quality and accurate tracking.
B/ Weight and height limitations

- UPS: The parcels can weight up to 70kg.
The length and the circumference combined of the parcels cannot exceed 419cm.
The length of the parcels cannot exceed 270 cm
The parcels weighing more that 31,5kg, 24kg inside the EU, have to bear a special label for “heavy parcels”.
The parcels having a high relation height/weight follow different rules when it comes to pricing and volumetric weight.
The parcels exceeding these height and weight limits will be charged extra as they are over the maximum limit allowed.

Maximum weight : 70kg
Maximum dimensions : 300x300x300cm.
If the parcel is loaded on pallets, these limits can be surpassed.


Maximum weight: 500 kg per item
Maximum dimensions: The biggest side of the item has to be smaller that 175cm


Maximum weight: 30kg
The details regarding your online parcel are affiliated to a unique tracking code that your supplier will give you at the time of the expedition of you purchase. We also mention, if possible, the name of the supplier. Example: Fr9736969940/Amazon